breakthrough physics

Breakthrough physics are physics ideas and concepts that help man kind move toward progressive applications of physics.  These applications touch nearly all parts of society including more efficient energy production, energy use, and travel.  Once the understanding of breakthrough physics concepts are communicated it often times completes the puzzle for many more break through technologies.

Quote by Jason Jarvis, "Sometimes it takes (a) non-conforming thought to break through."

Physics - Good News Mars and Company, paper on Momentum Physics with propulsion and lift

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Good News Mars & Company: Part 4 - Propellers for space travel, in brief

Published January 19th, 2017.


Momentum Physics and the use of propellers to provide thrust and propulsion in space, a Physics brief


The Momentum Drive does not refer to a specific thruster design or propulsion system.  Momentum drive physics is meant to shed new light on kinematic motion opening us up to a wide variety of propulsion systems which solve the space propulsion problem by providing thrust in space without the loss of propellant mass.

Illustration of a fixed motor with a spinning propeller to create thrust, and or air flow across the propeller geometry