Regarding Gravity, Mass Momentum, a re-evaluation of space-time, Jupiter, and the Origin of Earth as a Body N, explanation of gravity

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Physics Brief - Authored by Jason Jarvis, released on January 13, 2016

In order to test the currently known and generally accepted interpretations of gravity one must run across Isaac Newton’s work as well as many others before and after his time.  Then one will find the Theories of Relativity by Albert Einstein intertwined with current quantum mechanics and string theories.  The advantage to writing thoughts on the subject for me may simply be my time (the year 2016) and the tools available to me as a result of engineering and application progr

Continuing with Gravity and Mass Momentum, on to Venus

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Gravity Mass Momentum Theory, Continued with Venus

To continue our discussion on gravity as introduced by Regarding Gravity, Mass Momentum, a re-evaluation of space time, Jupiter, and the origin of Earth as a Body N, we now look to Earth's neighbor planet Venus.  We analyze Venus's jet streams, retrograde rotation, and gravity momentum system.

The Era of Reality Physics - Vacuum Potential with a Black Hole Theory

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This physics brief was initially authored by Jason Jarvis in June 2013, has lead to other findings and was finally published officially here in this form on April 12th, 2019.


Reality physics,  vacuum potential, the concept of a more perfect vacuum, lift, space propulsion advice, and the big bang never happened.


In order to explore and explain gravity mass momentum physics let's introduce the concept of a vacuum and space vacuum.  In our daily lives we think of a vacuum as a suction machine.