The importance of audit assessment and risk management practices

JarvisLabs performs audit assessment and risk management services.

Audit Assessment, and Risk Management

Network and system auditing is an important component of enumerating your critical IT assets and determining how your organization should plan, prepare, and budget for upcoming IT initiatives. Audit and assessment should play a key role in helping management gain insight into how your organizations infrastructure and IT assets are configured and related to one another.

Risk analysis is an important business and financial undertaking that includes identifying key assets to an organization and helps to determine the value or emphasis that should be placed on protecting those assets. Assets affected by IT systems audits may include information (data), facilities, people, systems, or products.

A thorough Risk Analysis and Risk Management process allows your organization to build a matrix which depicts system risks, level of severities, and frequency of likely occurrences. This matrix allows management team members including the top decision makers to see and understand your organizations exposure to information security events. Management can use these as tools to help shape the information systems security strategy for the future.

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