momentum drive

Good News Mars and Company

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Good News Mars and Company is the physics proof for all propulsion systems that do not loose propellant mass.

Published on 11/19/2015 - reformatted for online publishing on 01/19/2016.  Part 4 released 01/19/2017.

April Foolery & News Announcement

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Released April 1, 2018:  JarvisLabs gains exclusive rights to 5AU Moonbase University System.  Founder & CEO, Jason Jarvis, says bitcoin holdings are more than sufficient to fund the entire venture.  Jarvis Momentum Drive space craft are responsible for recent UFO sightings across the nation.

The Jarvis Stellar University & Center for Economic & Scientific Advancement has chosen a protective crater on Ganymede, largest moon of Jupiter, for the location of its Stellar Headquarters.  The first unmanned supply and infrastructure missions are set to launch in August of 201

Good News Mars and Company: Part 2

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Plume capture and Xenon Propellant Capture

Heavy xenon gas propellant capture from a Solar Ion or other Radiation Ion space craft is possible.  To create propulsion, heavy xenon gas ions are transferred across a nozzle geometry and zapped with a charge that accelerates the xenon ion across a plasma arc which then neutralizes the ion.