Cyber security starts here - Introduction

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Cyber security is both an active and comprehensive undertaking.  There is no firewall, magic antivirus, pop-up blocker, Java update nor VPN client that will protect you from everything.  A comprehensive approach starting with leadership that includes risk management, best practice implementations, and system hardening is needed to best protect your organization’s information assets. 

“Cyber Security Starts Here” is meant to be an informative yet precisely condensed and current manual to help any organization improve their cyber security posture.  In today’s world of privacy concerns, and ever expanding connectivity it is imperative for you to adopt and implement a practical strategy.  Your strategy needs to be inclusive of leadership as well as end-users and IT staff.

We can't tell you all of our tricks here, but hopefully you will take this information as a start to your own cyber security initiatives. 





Cyber security starts here - Contents


Start with the Cyber Security Problem

Start with the Security Management Process

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Start with awareness of social engineering

Start by limiting user access

Start with network and system hardening

Harden windows servers

Harden Linux systems

Physical and Environmental Considerations

Start with understanding attack methods and kill chain