Ahead for 2016 - Vostice® cloud offering celebrates over 10 Years!

The Vostice cloud has been online for over 10 years.

The Vostice cloud was initially put into place as an architectural backbone for a new generation of hosted and cloud services in 2006.  The Vostice platform was designed with enterprise security, dedicated hosting, white glove and *24/7 (3/9 - 9/9) availability in mind.

Our platform contains key pieces and accomodates for a mix of various hardened operating systems and ineroperability with most any IP connected device or client.  Key componets such as email security, AVSES Spam control, and ArchiveDiscovery tools are engineered to meet real world needs of data integrity, security, and retention.

Adapted for Mega-Node networks - For large high demand networks such as energy monitoring, controls, surveillience systems, or high-sampling labrotories we have engineered and maintainted closed networks based on our Vostice tools.

Technologies such as end-to-end encryption as well as multi-factor authentication are easily implemented and native to the design of Vostice platform solutions.  The enforcement of policies pertaining to your regulated industry is also designed where needed.


*24/7 (3/9-9/9) - Critical systems are engineered to the level of your needs.  Entry level costing typically works with a 99.9 availability design.