Collaboration and Peer review


The collaboration and peer reviewed physics initiative at Jarvis Labs enables others to contribute to the physics that we are working on while helping Jarvis Labs to maintain copyright, intellectual property, and distribution rights to our works. It also allows contributors to be recognized along with Jarvis Labs and the other authors of our works.

Simple Collaboration or Peer Review

1. Select which physics paper or initiative you would like to contribute to. A list of current works is provided below.

Physics - Good News Mars and Company, paper on Momentum Physics with propulsion and lift

Good News Mars and Company Part 1

Good News Mars and Company Part 2

Good News Mars and Company Part 3

Good News Mars and Company Part 4

Regarding Gravity, Mass Momentum, a re-evaluation of space-time, Jupiter, and the Origin of Earth as a Body N

Unlocking Jupiter, the Purpose of Gravity, and more discussion on Gravity Mass Momentum, continued analysis of Jupiter

Continuing with Gravity and Mass Momentum, on to Venus

Gravity, mass momentum, and the Super Rotation of Venus's Atmosphere

Conservation of Momentum Argument for Planetary formation Theory and Origin of the Earth, Moon, and Mars

2. Submit your qualifying information including your name as you would like to have it seen in print or online, your educational accomplishments, any other works that you have contributed to, and you current work affiliations if you have them.

3. Submit your review, comments, any graphics or illustrations that you have along with your qualifying information.

To submit your peer review or a collaboration request please use the following web form:

Peer reviewers and collaborators can get mention and credit as well as links to socal media sites.

Why does Jarvis Labs self publish physics papers and other works? We self publish our physics papers and works for several reasons, however the main reasons are that we want to maintain copyright and ensure the free distribution of these works.