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Cyber Security Services

Our Cyber expertise and years of experience with dot com's and enterprise scalable systems gives us the tools and know-how when faced with today's cyber challenges. With the maturing internet and the exponential expanse of cyber space it is more important than ever to adopt a cyber strategy. Regulations and compliance can barely keep up with technology, and as soon as students graduate or professionals get certified, technologies change or become obsolete. Our decades of real world experience, research, and fundamental philosophies with regards to information management and cyber presence help us to provide the best-of-breed solutions and roadmaps for organizations to follow.

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Technical challenges can be daunting for organizations with regards to IT and Cyber projects. Many initiatives fall short or end up being a total loss with less than 50% of all projects reaching full implementation. Add to that the recent years of economic troubles and many organizations have tabled their Cyber and IT initiatives. Cyber security and Cyber defenses need continuous investments and constant attention to keep up with the curve. Strategic planning and budgeting properly is important and we can help.

  • Disaster Recovery - Does your organization have a current disaster recovery plan?

  • Risk Assessment - A cyber risk assessment is important to help determine proper budgeting and to guide strategic initiatives.

  • Call Center/Help Desk - Do your end users and customers get the support that they need?

  • Penetration Testing - Pen testing is one of our specialties.

  • Incident Response - When something happens how does your organization proceed? We haven't seen everything, but odds are we have seen something similar.

  • Systems Hardening - Another of our specialties. Most systems are "out-of-the-box" configured, we take it several steps further.

  • Cyber and Data Forensics - We have expertise in this realm and can help determine where something started, what it is and how. Today's networks are complicated and our real world experience can help.

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