Team of the Year - Team IDS

Submitted by media on Mon, 03/18/2019 - 15:24

Team IDS is always the team of the year at Jarvis Labs


Intrusion Detection Systems and Services are a crucial component and guard against cyber attacks. Organizations must adopt key strategies, practices, and measures to improve the detection of unwanted traffic or network activity. We recommend that a dedicated team be assigned to performing intrusion detection tasks. Systems must be configured to log and alert to human awareness. Sure we can automate with adaptive intelligence or rate limit what attackers can get away with, but with active IDS and a Team dedicated to running your IDS solution you will be able to thwart an attack before it becomes a news story.

Many cyber attacks go unnoticed for weeks or even months. With a combination of properly configured IDS and people to oversee it your catch window will hopefully be within moments.

IDS solutions need to consider both inside and outside facing network systems. Monitoring users and implementing best practices with layered and granular security policies can help your Team IDS trap and better manage an intrusion event should one occur. We would love to help your organization and can be a crucial partner in implementing and monitoring the appropriate solution for your organization.

Team IDS is already our team of the year at Jarvis Labs.

Jarvis Labs operates IDS and NOC support services.  We are the team you hire to prevent and contain a network attack, intrusion, or other data breach.  Intrusion detection is network observation with the intention of preventing unauthorized access and/or chaos to the system.  This observation is best leveraged when a coordination of sensing systems as well as a team of dedicated and responsible people come together in order to make intelligent mitigation or remediation action.

JarvisLabs engineers specific components to monitor and log network activities and control or shape their automated and alerting behaviors.  It is important to have a dedicated team to help implement and monitor your network assets.  Though organizations are exposed to the knowledge that they need to protect their critical assets, the spectrum of risk factors to consider have ballooned in recent years.  With more people online and more required services being offered only online this problem grows bigger.  The growing trend in cyber related crime justifies the need for your organization to adopt technical means, measures, and staffing for IT related security oversight.


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