Performance computing / Clustered super computing

Performance Computing

High performance computing is the engineering, development, and applied use of computers in order to perform optimized work in solving computationally intense problems. Clustered supercomputing is the application of performance computing whereby highly connected compute nodes are coordinated to work together to contribute to the overall processing power of a single virtual system.  The use of parallel processing computers are now possible which enable resources of many host hardware systems to be combined such that a larger distributed system is created.

Due to breakthroughs in computing power and specifically the use of APU (accelerated processing units), GPU (graphics processing units), and multi-core processors, clustered computers have more potential than ever.  The speed of low cost SSD disk arrays and 10+ gigabit fiberoptic connectivity present us with great opportunities to build larger, faster, and more robust systems than ever.

High performance computing is used to solve problems such as DNA sequencing, quantum mechanics, and weather forecasting. Engineering modeling softwares can leverage this technology to perform engineering simulations such as heat and stress modeling.

Organizations can now harness the computing power of low-cost scalable grid and cloud technologies in order to build powerful dedicated processing systems.

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