Good News Mars & Company - Momentum physics, lift, propulsion, and carbon solutions

Mars & Company - Aerospace Division of JarvisLabs - Cropped image of Mars

Originaly published on 11/19/2015 - reformated for online publishing on 01/19/2016.  Part 4 released 01/19/2017.

See the Good News Mars and Company promotional video.

Good News Mars & Company: Part 1
Part one introduces propulsion, conservation of momentum, propulsion in zero gravity
Good News Mars & Company: Part 2
Part two focuses on plume capture and introduces patent pending electrostatic performance exhaust for automobiles
Good News Mars & Company: Part 3
Part three ties together concepts and introduces patent pending lift concepts using enhanced geometry and ∆T.  Also introduced is a zero gravity propulsion conept without the loss of propellant mass.
Good News Mars & Company: Part 4 - Propellers for space travel, in brief
Momentum Physics and the use of propellers to provide thrust and propulsion in space, a Physics brief


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