Good News Mars & Company: Part 4 - Propellers for space travel, in brief

Published January 19th, 2017.


Momentum Physics and the use of propellers to provide thrust and propulsion in space, a Physics brief


The Momentum Drive does not refer to a specific thruster design or propulsion system.  Momentum drive physics is meant to shed new light on kinematic motion opening us up to a wide variety of propulsion systems which solve the space propulsion problem by providing thrust in space without the loss of propellant mass.

Illustration of a fixed motor with a spinning propeller to create thrust, and or air flow across the propeller geometry

Good News Mars and Company: Part 3


Now back to space.

Improve current launch, delivery, and recovery, momentum lift column

How can we enhance current launch and recovery concepts?  When I look at a rocket being blasted into space I see a ton a wasted energy with very small payloads.  The following concept increases payloads, enables landing, and adds safety to both using ∆T and geometry to create and induce helpful air flows. 

First let's create a lift toy.  We will start with a momentum disc.


Figure 21: Lift toy for atmosphere, momentum disc, no moving parts.