accelerating the space race

Accelerating the Space Race - The Mission of Aerospace @ Jarvis Labs via the Mars & Company initiative


Let's put human boots on Mars.  #IamgoingtoMars


Accelerating the Space Race - The Mission of Aerospace @ Jarvis Labs and Mars & Company

Our current 10 year mission (by the year 2026) is to design, prove, build, and deliver 1st generation Momentum Drive propulsion capabilities. The performance capabilities for 1st generation Momentum Drive technology will be guided by 2 simple design goals.

Design Goal 1. Safely transit people from Earth to Mars in less than 3 Days, while experiencing comfortable thrust gravity simulation between 1/2 G and 1 1/2 G.

Design Goal 2. Build an unmanned Rescue and Delivery vehicle which can transit and deliver a 1000 KG payload a distance of 1 AU in 24 hours for both moving rendezvous and surface landings.

This mission is also guided by 3 realities:

Reality 1. Landings and atmospheric entry should be safe and non dramatic.

Reality 2. Shorter transit times are key to mastering space.

Reality 3. Continuous acceleration is more useful than constant velocity for space travel.


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Aerospace, Astrodynamics & Astronomic Desktop Wallpapers are now online in High Resolution

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These high resolution desktop wallpapers are perfect for any engineering workstation or aerospace professional. Included are distance, velocity, acceleration, and gravity simulation reference charts for the new era of space travel. Released November 29, 2016. Jarvis Labs is accelerating the space race. Available in Ultra4K and HD video resolution.


Download them for free below.


Good News Mars and Company

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Good News Mars and Company is the physics proof for all propulsion systems that do not loose propellant mass.

Published on 11/19/2015 - reformatted for online publishing on 01/19/2016.  Part 4 released 01/19/2017.