Jupiter is the largest orbiting planetary body in our solar system.  Jupiter is a large gas planet which orbits the sun approximately 5 times further than the Earth.  Jupiter is discussed by Jason Jarvis in a gravity re-evaluation paper.  The upper Jet streams, magnetic field, and true make-up of Jupiter are explored in the paper.  The concept of Body N, where planetary bodies are formed, is also introduced.

NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter

The Juno Mission which launched in August of 2011 is expected to arrive in Jupiter's orbit on Monday, July 4th, 2016.  The Juno Mission is expected to uncover new details about the make-up of Jupiter and provide a Juno Cam for a rich multi-media educational experience.

For more information about this mission see Nasa's educational Mission Juno web site.

On the evening of July 4th, 2016 the Juno spacecraft successfully performed JOI, Jupiter Orbit Insertion maneuver and is now in an orbit around Jupiter.  Juno is only the second probe to ever orbit the planet and we will gain many insights into the composition of Jupiter and the origins of Earth.

Back of the Hand Momentum/Velocity Calculations in Support of Jarvis Earth & Moon Origination and Planetary Formation Theory

In previous physics briefs by Jason Jarvis, found at https://JarvisLabs.com/Jupiter, Jarvis illustrates and explains the origin of rocky or icy terrestrial planets from within the gas giants.  Jarvis hypothesizes that the Earth and Moon orbiting pair originated in the Jupiter system and are very close astronomical neighbors of Jupiter's Galileon moons.  This physics brief titled "Back of the Hand Momentum/Velocity Calculations in Support of Jarvis Earth & Moon Origination Theory" was realized when performing and contemplating thought experiments regarding this planetary formation t

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Jarvis Labs Aerospace & Astronomics reference desktop wallpaper optimized for Ultra4K video resolution.  Distance, Velocity, and Acceleration reference chart


These high resolution desktop wallpapers are perfect for any engineering workstation or aerospace professional. Included are distance, velocity, acceleration, and gravity simulation reference charts for the new era of space travel. Released November 29, 2016. Jarvis Labs is accelerating the space race. Available in Ultra4K and HD video resolution.

Unlocking Jupiter, gravity, and more discussion on mass momentum, continued analysis - Jupiter

Unlocking Jupiter, the Purpose of Gravity, and more discussion on Gravity Mass Momentum, continued analysis of Jupiter, the Great Red Spot, and its Moons

Published June 23, 2016, Authored by Jason Jarvis

Based on our previous discussions of Gravity, Mass, Momentum, Jupiter, and the introduction of Body N as a new planetary body we will now take a closer look at the Gravity Mass Momentum system around Jupiter.

Acceleration due to gravity of Jupiter with the Galilean moons