April Foolery & News Announcement

Submitted by media on Sun, 04/01/2018 - 08:08

Released April 1, 2018:  JarvisLabs gains exclusive rights to 5AU Moonbase University System.  Founder & CEO, Jason Jarvis, says bitcoin holdings are more than sufficient to fund the entire venture.  Jarvis Momentum Drive space craft are responsible for recent UFO sightings across the nation.

The Jarvis Stellar University & Center for Economic & Scientific Advancement has chosen a protective crater on Ganymede, largest moon of Jupiter, for the location of its Stellar Headquarters.  The first unmanned supply and infrastructure missions are set to launch in August of 2018.  Manned missions are scheduled starting in January 2019 and will deliver the first full-time interplanetary human occupants in the history of man kind.  The first graduating class will be the Class of 2024 with freshman cadets starting in the Fall of 2020.

Momentum Drive Rockets designed by Jarvis Labs will be used for the transport vehicles and are able to complete the voyage in 3 to 5 days while providing comfortable 1G+ cabin gravity simulation due to thrust.

If you are still reading this post you may have guessed that this is an April Fools brand stunt for Jarvis Labs.  While not entirely possible this year, the initiative to accelerate the space race by Jarvis Labs is real.  Momentum Drive propulsion is currently experimental, though in development.  JarvisLabs may or may not be responsible for recent UFO sightings.

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