Continuing with Gravity and Mass Momentum, on to Venus

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Gravity Mass Momentum Theory, Continued with Venus

To continue our discussion on gravity as introduced by Regarding Gravity, Mass Momentum, a re-evaluation of space time, Jupiter, and the origin of Earth as a Body N, we now look to Earth's neighbor planet Venus.  We analyze Venus's jet streams, retrograde rotation, and gravity momentum system.

Gravity, mass momentum, and the Super Rotation of Venus's Atmosphere

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Authored by Jason Jarvis - Gravity Mass Momentum Theory Series of Papers and Discussions

Super Rotation on Venus is largely due to the Sun's gravity

Continuing with the gravity and mass momentum discussion let's now analyze the super rotation of Venus's upper atmosphere.  The European Space Agency's Venus express mission has determined that over the course of a few years the equatorial upper atmosphere of Venus has increased in velocity by up to 100 km per hour.[1]

What is driving the super rotation and fast upper jet stream of Venus?