Patented system by Javis Labs gains wide spread use - profits are soaring

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Long term hygiene studies find that drying your hands is as important as washing your hands.  When Jarvis Labs sets out to change the world for a better place we tackle real world issues affecting real world people in every day scenarios.  That is why we knew we had a breakthrough technology when we initially patented our rapid hand dry system. This hand dry system is a good fit for any home, office, or public restroom with very low acquisition and maintenance costs.

Now our system has gained widespread use around the world and is one of the secrets behind our success at Jarvis Labs.  Chances are you too are using our patented scientifically developed hand drying system as well.

This drying system is a perfect example of a real world case of applied physics and is very easy to do.  We summed up the system for your information here.

1.  Shake or flick hands toward the sink. (shake about 3 times)

This step ensures that as much droplet formed liquid water is removed from your skin in the direction of the sink drain.  The physics behind this step is conservation of momentum as you whip or wick the water off of your hands using fast change in direction or change momentum suddenly while the water maintains momentum in the direction that you flick it.

2.  Next use a gentle dabbing and wiping motion to press your hands onto your shirt, pants , or other dry garment that you are wearing.  Do this procedure while rotating your hands so that different contact areas of your wet hands come into contact with various dry cloth parts of your clothing.


This step will ensure that remaining water and water residue is completely dried and removed from your hands.


Admit it everyone has used our system!


Released for April 2019 - News Announcement and April Foolery


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