Patented system by Javis Labs gains wide spread use - profits are soaring

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Long term hygiene studies find that drying your hands is as important as washing your hands.  When Jarvis Labs sets out to change the world for a better place we tackle real world issues affecting real world people in every day scenarios.  That is why we knew we had a breakthrough technology when we initially patented our rapid hand dry system. This hand dry system is a good fit for any home, office, or public restroom with very low acquisition and maintenance costs.

Thank you for landing at - The official website for Jarvis Labs

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We are glad to have your interest for a brief moment in time.  Jarvis Labs is a technology innovator and active contributor to the community at large. 

If you are interested in momentum physics, the origin of planets like Earth, Jupiter or going to Mars, then you have come to the right place on the internet. 

Aerospace, Astrodynamics & Astronomic Desktop Wallpapers are now online in High Resolution

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These high resolution desktop wallpapers are perfect for any engineering workstation or aerospace professional. Included are distance, velocity, acceleration, and gravity simulation reference charts for the new era of space travel. Released November 29, 2016. Jarvis Labs is accelerating the space race. Available in Ultra4K and HD video resolution.


Download them for free below.


Hyper Expanse Cloud Super Computing backed by Jarvis Labs

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Super Computing and Performance Computing Networks

Jarvis Labs is backing a super computing initiative via the Rock Silo brand.  Our goal is to top the list of Super Computers and remain a viable innovative solution for performance computing clusters and distributed performance computing that can handle real world workloads in bio-science, DNA sequencing, computer aided simulations, engineering modeling, artificial intelligence, and deep machine learning applications.

Cyber Security Services - Computing and Network Security

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Cyber Security Services

Our Cyber expertise and years of experience with dot com's and enterprise scalable systems gives us the tools and know-how when faced with today's cyber challenges. With the maturing internet and the exponential expanse of cyber space it is more important than ever to adopt a cyber strategy. Regulations and compliance can barely keep up with technology, and as soon as students graduate or professionals get certified, technologies change or become obsolete.

Good News Mars and Company

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Good News Mars and Company is the physics proof for all propulsion systems that do not loose propellant mass.

Published on 11/19/2015 - reformatted for online publishing on 01/19/2016.  Part 4 released 01/19/2017.