Hyper Expanse™ Cloud Super Computing backed by Jarvis Labs

Jarvis Labs is backing a super computing initiative via the Rock Silo brand.  Our goal is to top the list of Super Computers and remain a viable innovative solution for performance computing clusters that can handle real workloads in bio-science, DNA sequencing, computer aided simulations, engineering modeling, artificial intelligence, and deep machine learning applications.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics are primary applications for Hyper Expanse technology.

Hyper Expanse™ is filed with the USPTO as we build our brand and service offerings.


Good News Mars & Company: Part 4 - Propellers for space travel, in brief

Published January 19th, 2017.


Momentum Physics and the use of propellers to provide thrust and propulsion in space, a Physics brief


The Momentum Drive does not refer to a specific thruster design or propulsion system.  Momentum drive physics is meant to shed new light on kinematic motion opening us up to a wide variety of propulsion systems which solve the space propulsion problem by providing thrust in space without the loss of propellant mass.

Illustration of a fixed motor with a spinning propeller to create thrust, and or air flow across the propeller geometry

Aerospace & Astronomics Desktop Wallpapers are now online in High Resolution

Jarvis Labs Aerospace & Astronomics reference desktop wallpaper optimized for Ultra4K video resolution.  Distance, Velocity, and Acceleration reference chart


These high resolution desktop wallpapers are perfect for any engineering workstation or aerospace professional. Included are distance, velocity, acceleration, and gravity simulation reference charts for the new era of space travel. Released November 29, 2016. Jarvis Labs is accelerating the space race. Available in Ultra4K and HD video resolution.

Good News Mars & Company - Momentum Drive Propulsion and Electrostatic Exhaust

Good News Mars & Company is a promotional video for JarvisLabs based on the Good News Mars & Company physics paper written by Jason Jarvis. The original paper can be found online at https://JarvisLabs.com/MomentumPhysics.

Momentum Drive and Electrostatic Exhaust Introduction Video

This technology will take us exponentially farther faster than current space propulsion technologies.  It will also ensure safer more predictable launches and landings with larger payloads.

Regarding automobile exhaust: We have been driving autos for well over 100 years. 

If we can put it in via a 3/8-inch fuel line and a 4-inch air intake, and extract energy via combustion, then we can engineer a way to capture the pollutants, ie carbons, and finish the combustion equation.

Stay tuned for more!

Investor Information

Updated 2/1/2017

Investors read this

We know that we cannot do this ourselves and we want to create an investment vehicle for others to share in our success and progress.  Our current research, development, and intellectual properties be they published or not, are of significant value.  The effort it takes to bring these concepts to market requires partnerships, industry cooperation, and nimble assertiveness in an array of market positions.  Investment monies allow us to accelerate the pace of our endeavors.

Jarvis Labs is actively seeking equity investors that understand the importance of intellectual property and the long term vision of our endeavors.  We need financial support in order to solidify patents, hire engineers, and produce products and revenues that take us to the next level.

Thanks for your interest in Jarvis Labs and feel free to contact us regarding your investment interests.