jet streams

Jet streams are used to refer to the general west to east flows and counter flows of upper atmosphere.  On Earth we see Jet streams that move faster than the Earth's rotation, thus they are moving generally in a pro-grade direction.  Other planets have different upper atmosphere jet streams and these are dependant on the gravity and mass momentums of the planetary bodies they find themselves in.  The depth and ensity of the atmosphere are key to determining planetary jet stream motion with respect to spin on its axis and close gravity neighbors. These gravity mass momentum concepts that include gravitational effects of moons and other orbiting characteristics of planetary bodies are important in geophysics as well.

Gravity, mass momentum, and the Super Rotation of Venus's Atmosphere

Authored by Jason Jarvis - Gravity Mass Momentum Theory Series of Papers and Discussions

Super Rotation on Venus is largely due to the Sun's gravity

Continuing with the gravity and mass momentum discussion let's now analyze the super rotation of Venus's upper atmosphere.  The European Space Agency's Venus express mission has determined that over the course of a few years the equatorial upper atmosphere of Venus has increased in velocity by up to 100 km per hour.[1]

What is driving the super rotation and fast upper jet stream of Venus?

Sun and Venus rotation, North Pole top view