accelerating the space race

Accelerating the Space Race - The Mission of Aerospace @ JarvisLabs, and Mars & Company

As of December 2015 there were 6 people in space. Since the space race began in the 1960's there have been over 500 humans reach space. These numbers are about to change. The next 50 years will see an explosion of space development and technological capabilities. We will master technologies which enable farther faster space travel as well as colonization. We will also develop common space infrastructure which will benefit all those after us. The by-product of development for the aerospace industry will be more efficient energy technologies and the penetration of consumer markets with science in all directions. Daily there are new discoveries in finer detail than ever before. We have found water, moons with oceans, glaciers on Pluto, and comets that off-gas alcohol. Our mastery of engineering and materials allows us to fabricate amazing inventions to help us further deduce and decipher astro spatial data. "Because there's more out there!" is our tag line. The simple truth is that discoveries in space will help progress and test our understanding of how things operate on earth. Mining space for both knowledge and resources is an inevitable path forward, Mars & Company aka JarvisLabs will help bring us there.

Our current 10 year mission is to design, prove, build, and deliver 1st generation Momentum Drive propulsion capabilities. The performance capabilities for 1st generation Momentum Drive technology will be guided by 2 simple design goals.
Design Goal 1. Safely transit people from Earth to Mars in less than 3 Days, while experiencing comfortable thrust gravity simulation between 1/2 G and 1 1/2 G.
Design Goal 2. Build an unmanned Rescue and Delivery vehicle which can transit and deliver a 1000 KG payload a distance of 1 AU in 24 hours for both moving rendezvous and surface landings.

This mission is also guided by 3 realities:
Reality 1. Landings and atmospheric entry should be safe and non dramatic.
Reality 2. Shorter transit times are key to mastering space.
Reality 3. Continuous acceleration is more useful than constant velocity for space travel.

Good News Mars & Company: Part 4 - Propellers for space travel, in brief

Published January 19th, 2017.


Momentum Physics and the use of propellers to provide thrust and propulsion in space, a Physics brief


The Momentum Drive does not refer to a specific thruster design or propulsion system.  Momentum drive physics is meant to shed new light on kinematic motion opening us up to a wide variety of propulsion systems which solve the space propulsion problem by providing thrust in space without the loss of propellant mass.

Illustration of a fixed motor with a spinning propeller to create thrust, and or air flow across the propeller geometry

Aerospace & Astronomics Desktop Wallpapers are now online in High Resolution

Jarvis Labs Aerospace & Astronomics reference desktop wallpaper optimized for Ultra4K video resolution.  Distance, Velocity, and Acceleration reference chart


These high resolution desktop wallpapers are perfect for any engineering workstation or aerospace professional. Included are distance, velocity, acceleration, and gravity simulation reference charts for the new era of space travel. Released November 29, 2016. Jarvis Labs is accelerating the space race. Available in Ultra4K and HD video resolution.