Body N

Body N is introduced by Jason Jarvis during dicussion of gravity and Jupiter.  The Body N process is apparent in large gaseous planets and is responsible for the creation of new planetary bodies, mostly spherical in shape.  The first Galilean moons of Jupiter are evidence of this process as described by this theory.  A very large planet such as Jupiter is a thermal mass momentum engine which compresses a less viscous heavy metal core.  This core becomes Body N eventually exiting Jupiter's upper atmosphere.  The red storm on Jupiter is theorized to be a result of this process.

Unlocking Jupiter, gravity, and more discussion on mass momentum, continued analysis - Jupiter

Unlocking Jupiter, the Purpose of Gravity, and more discussion on Gravity Mass Momentum, continued analysis of Jupiter, the Great Red Spot, and its Moons

Published June 23, 2016, Authored by Jason Jarvis

Based on our previous discussions of Gravity, Mass, Momentum, Jupiter, and the introduction of Body N as a new planetary body we will now take a closer look at the Gravity Mass Momentum system around Jupiter.

Acceleration due to gravity of Jupiter with the Galilean moons